RUF Briquetting Systems can pay for themselves in less than 18 months!


RUF is North America’s Premier Briquette Machine Manufacturer

RUF Briquetting Systems is North America's premier provider of industrial briquetting systems-leveraging smart technology to improve business operations and protect the natural environment. As a leading briquette machine manufacturer, RUF allows companies to create valuable products for the generation of heat and secondary raw materials by making briquettes from production residues. Our briquetting systems help processors and manufacturers from a wide range of industries reduce their carbon footprints, enhance efficiency and increase profitability by generating revenues from "free" resources that are created as byproducts of their operations

Discover the Beauty of Briquettes—Save Money. Make Money.

RUF’s briquetting systems can be found in manufacturing and processing facilities throughout North America. Below are just a few of the benefits that a RUF Briquetting System can provide.

  • Briquetting Materials
    Our expertise in briquette machine manufacturing allows us to offer briquetting systems for most residual materials. This includes, but is not limited to: aluminum, cellulose, grinding sludge, tire wire, wood chips and more.
  • Briquetting System Integration
    By designing easy-to-install systems that directly integrate into existing production facilities, RUF briquetting systems allow a wide variety of manufacturers and processors to recycle their residual materials in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way.
  • Briquette Machine ROI
    Most RUF briquetting systems pay for themselves in 18 months or less.
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Better For Business - Better For The Environment

RUF’s industrial briquetting systems are better for business and better for the environment. Here are some of the ways a briquetting system can boost your business and reduce waste.

  • Handling & Transportation
    Compact briquettes take up less space and allow your operation to reduce handling and transportation costs.
  • Waste to Energy
    Wood briquettes are a great fuel source and release only as much carbon dioxide as was naturally absorbed by the growing tree during photosynthesis.
  • Save Money
    Recover up to 50% of expensive cutting fluids when you briquette sludge and metal scraps.

For more information about RUF, North America’s leading briquette machine manufacturer, our briquetting machines, or their specific applications, please call one of our experienced customer service representatives at 888-894-5773 or contact us online today.

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