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About Us

RUF Briquetting Systems helps you reclaim value from your waste.

Our Mission

RUF Briquetting Systems started with the revolutionary idea of transforming industrial waste into something useful. For four decades we've dedicated ourselves to helping our customers regain value from their organic and inorganic waste byproducts through briquetting. Although we started with just organic wood waste, our machines are built to suit a variety of byproducts - like metal chips and grinding sludge - and different operations - from workshops to large manufacturing plants to bring the advantages of briquetting technology to even more industries.

We're committed to helping our clients achieve greater:

  • Efficiency: You can run our briquetters with or without supervision, and you can even set them up for 24-hour operation. Simply load your waste material into the hopper and let the machine do its job. The machine is also compact in order to be easily integrated into your existing shop.
  • Sustainability: Simultaneously reduce your contribution to the landfill and your management headaches. Briquetting allows you to reuse waste that would otherwise be disposed or linger on your shop floor. In the case of wood and other organic waste, these briquettes are also naturally bonded together without the use of chemicals through the hydraulic force of the briquetter. The resulting briquette allows for a safe, clean burn.
  • Profitability: Turn your waste expenditures into revenue. Resulting wood briquettes can be sold on the market as a carbon neutral fuel source for and metal briquettes can be sold to foundries and smelters for recycling benefits. Metal and grinding sludge briquetting also allows you to reclaim expensive fluid and oils for reuse. Beyond selling the briquettes, the time saved on transportation and cleanup of waste, along with the reduced safety hazards and elimination of excess transportation costs for hazardous waste makes our briquetting systems a great investment. In fact, most RUF briquetting systems pay for themselves within 18 months of operation.

With so many benefits to briquetting and so much material available to briquette, the possibilities are endless. Interested in exploring how we can help you turn your waste into something useful? To find out more about our briquetting machines or applications call (888)-894-5773 or contact us today.

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