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Industries We Serve

RUF Briquetters are used across a variety of industries for waste management

Do you operate a steel foundry? Are you a furniture manufacturer or woodworking facility? Perhaps your operation produces goods that result in other kinds of niche waste byproducts. From coffee grounds and textile dust to zinc and titanium, if you have production waste, we can probably briquette it. Our briquetters can handle just about anything. Here is a sampling of the industries we've served and how we've helped them streamline their operations through briquetting.

Briquetters for Aluminum Recycling

One of the biggest challenges faced by manufacturers that produce aluminum goods is the dilemma of waste management. Metal scrap in the form of filings, turnings, chips and shavings are often stored in bins and forgotten, taking up valuable space that could be put to more productive use for your operation.

Enter briquetting as your waste management solution. RUF will customize a briquetting system for your facility and allow you to efficiently recycle and reclaim your metal scrap, chips and process fluids. Our briquetting systems have been tested in large-scale facilities to eliminate, recycle and streamline waste.

Briquetting aluminum scrap not only allows you to retain more material to recycle, but also yields more aluminum for potential reuse or resale. Aside from the aluminum reclaimed from the briquetting, expensive process fluids squeezed out from the briquetting process can be reused or recycled as desired.

Additional Revenue Streams for Wood Pellet Makers

Wood pellet plants are excellent candidates for a RUF wood briquetter. Pellet production and briquetting go hand in hand. We've had numerous wood pellet makers successfully leverage a RUF briquetting system to add an additional revenue stream to their facility.

There are numerous benefits to briquetting wood chips and other wood pellet production byproducts. RUF briquetters compact your wood waste into briquettes that are easy to manage and transport and reduce your environmental impact through the resale of otherwise disposed of product. Wood briquettes are also a carbon neural fuel source, because they release only as much carbon dioxide as a growing sapling would naturally absorb during photosynthesis. This makes briquettes an attractive option for retail to environmentally conscious businesses.

RUF Briquetters are self-operating. That means that you can rest assured knowing that your waste is being properly taken care of while you dedicate your time to pellet production while your waste turns into an additional revenue stream without the need for surveillance. Store, recycle, sell. The choice is up to you.

Reclaim Fluids and Recycle Metals from Steel/Sludge Gear Grinders

Processing and disposing of grinding sludge is a nuisance that has plagued many manufacturers. Oftentimes the steps to treat sludge can be costly and hazardous for the environment. RUF briquetters allow you to effectively squeeze value out from your steel sludge and reclaim the fluid and remaining metal through briquetting.

Because RUF briquetters are easy to integrate and a nearly effortless to operate, many of our clients have been able to save on time, overhead (through eliminated storage) and money by reclaiming up to 95% of the processing fluids in sludge.

Bring RUF Into Your Operation

In every industry we've served, RUF briquetters have offered a cost-efficient solution that improves productivity, frees up floor space, and reduces resource usage and environmental impact. On average, our clients have seen a return on investment on their machines in 18 months or less. Contact us today to learn more about how we can do the same for your facility.

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