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Briquetting for Pellet Mills

Diversify your product offering and acquire a new revenue stream via briquetting.

As a pellet mill owner or manager, you welcome opportunities to reduce material waste, especially if it means space and costs savings. In addition to these savings, some mills are actually turning waste into more money earned using briquettes.

Pellet mills nationwide have tapped into the increasing consumer demand for eco-conscious, alternative fuel sources. Pellets are a great source of energy for those with pellet burners, but pellet producers also have an opportunity to leverage their existing or excess raw material to generate additional revenue streams for households without pellet burners.

RUF Briquetting Systems has helped many pellet mills discover an additional product offering that supplements their existing business – and households across the country are enjoying a new eco-friendly heating method. A briquetting machine adds a small footprint, and very little extra labor, but a whole lot of extra profit. More than enough, in fact, to quickly justify its cost.  

How does it work?

With the help of a little pressure, briquetting machines turn your raw material into a compact briquette with a variety of uses. Installing a RUF wood briquetting press offers a few simple advantages:

  • You can process larger pieces of raw material as-is, lowering the need for prior conditioning,
  • You can sell the resulting briquettes through existing vendors in your region, which provides additional revenue to complement your pellet sales
  • Or, you can cut out the middle man by selling directly to customers.

Our customers have shared with us that, in making the investment in one of our briquetting systems, they've been able to tap into adjacent markets and leverage existing connections to expand their market presence.

RUF machines make briquettes of uniform size and density, meaning a stable and carbon-neutral product perfect for household consumers. Those households don't necessarily need a specific apparatus, either; briquettes can be used in campfires, woodstoves and fireplaces.

Do you have excess raw material, or want to expand your product offering? RUF wood briquetting systems can help you bring in additional revenue and diversify your business. If you're interested in learning more, you can call us at 888-894-5773 with any of your questions, or submit an inquiry on our contact page.

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