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Magnesium Briquetting

Magnesium briquetting provides a safer solution for your magnesium scraps

Each day, scraps and debris of magnesium are left in factories, gathering on floors and machinery. These small pieces are not only difficult to clean up, but pose a health and safety danger to facilities and staff. A RUF magnesium briquetting system offers an ideal solution for safely disposing of magnesium scraps and waste.

Magnesium is a highly flammable metal, especially in the form of thin strips or shavings. When it accumulates, the slightest spark can start a fire. And if magnesium scraps reach a high enough temperature, self-ignition also becomes a possibility. Because magnesium reacts dangerously with nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water, common extinguishing options are off the table. Prevention is the safest solution.

When magnesium is stored in bulk masses it is more difficult to ignite and safer to have on hand. Magnesium briquettes have a lower combustibility than scraps or dust, and allow for safe storage, handling and transport for sale. Briquettes are also less likely to experience corrosion, which increases resale value. 

RUF magnesium briquetting systems are the solution to magnesium scrap and waste, offering a way for facilities to keep their machines, employees and air clean while adding to the bottom line. When scrap briquettes made by a RUF briquetter are sold to recyclers, the average RUF machine pays for itself within just 18 months.

RUF metal briquetting systems use hydraulics to compress scrap metals into dense briquettes while separating out the fluids from the metalworking process. Self-operating and low-maintenance, RUF magnesium briquette machines require only a minimal amount of floor space.

Consider a RUF briquetter to help your facility improve safety and recycle valuable magnesium scraps. To learn more about our briquetting machines and applications, call 888-894-5773 or contact us today.

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