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Steel Briquetting Systems

steel briquettingDo you work with steel in your manufacturing facility? If so, you know all about watching your expensive steel scrap, processing fluids and facility floor space disappear.

Whether it's turnings, chips, filings, shavings or sludge, the steel you work with is being wasted as it gathers on your shop floor, in disposal containers and gets stuck to your machine operator's clothes and skin. It's time to take it all back.

A Steel briquette machine from RUF Briquetting Systems is the solution. It can give back your valuable resources, help keep your machines, employees and the air in your facility cleaner, and even add to your bottom line.

With more than half of the steel produced in the U.S. today made from recycled steel, consider whether you are getting the biggest bang for your buck from your materials. With RUF's briquetting systems, scrap steel is hydraulically pressed (no added chemicals or materials) and the coolant that has saturated nearly 30 percent of your grinding sludge scrap is unlocked for reuse.

Steel briquetting can double the value you get for your steel scrap compared to loose chips or other recycling methods. That's because steel briquettes are easier to manage, transport, sell and recycle.

Contact us! We would love to tell you more about how our systems can reduce scrap volume by up to 20:1, or how they can operate 24/7 with very little maintenance, or how the average time it takes to realize a return on your investment in a RUF briquetting system is just 18 months.

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