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Titanium Briquetting Systems: Convert Waste Into Revenue

Put your titanium scrap to work for your business.

Titanium BriquettingWith its high strength-to-density ratio, outstanding corrosion resistance and overall versatility, titanium is one of the world's most sought-after industrial metals. It's used in everything from industrial power generation, to military and aerospace vehicles, to jewelry and medical devices.

Titanium isn't cheap, and you're probably already taking steps to maximize your current yield. But the titanium chips, shavings, flecks and sludge falling onto your factory floor can still have a valuable impact on your bottom line. Here's how:

The global titanium scrap market is expected to continue growing, making every gram of usable material count. Most manufacturers at least try to melt loose chips for further use. Manufacturers who are able to create titanium briquettes, however, stand to make quite a bit more from their scrap. Briquetted metals are typically more valuable than loose scrap; they yield more metal than loose chips do in the melting process. With a titanium briquetter from RUF, you can convert your company's titanium and titanium alloy waste into revenue - or even into your next project.

It's not just the valuable metal that RUF briquetters return to your hands, either. Expensive processing fluids can also be squeezed from your titanium grinding sludge, earning you an extra return you might not have expected. And RUF machines briquette your titanium and titanium alloy using only hydraulic pressure, maintaining the integrity of your metal and processing fluids.

What's the alternative to valuable, useful briquettes? Business as usual - storing, managing and disposing of your titanium scrap. You'll end up spending more time and resources than you'd like, with no end in sight. On the other hand, you could invest now and save big: the average RUF briquetter pays for itself within just 18 months. Our self-operating, low-maintenance machines require a minimal amount of your facility's floor space, as well.

Learn more about our process, titanium briquetting systems and how one can improve the way your business operates by contacting RUF today.

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