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Perfect for Wood Processing Operations

With RUF briquetting presses, your wood waste is compacted to a minimum volume, which makes it easier to handle and dispose of. And because RUF briquettes are formed under high pressure without any artificial binder, they remain a natural product; a high-quality briquette with uniform size, shape, and hardness. Wood briquettes can be used as fuel for woodstoves, fireplaces, wood boilers, and furnaces, so they can provide additional revenue opportunities for wood processing operations. RUF wood briquettes are said to be a carbon neutral energy source because, when they’re burned, they release only as much carbon dioxide as was naturally absorbed by a growing tree during photosynthesis.

RUF Briquetters Can Handle

  • Wood chips
  • Wood dust

A World of Possibilities

Material WoodInset

With RUF briquetters, you can turn practically any non-wood biomass material into easy-to-manage briquettes that can be readily transported and recycled or sold as an economical, environmentally friendly source of fuel. Biomass energy is a quickly emerging market in North America, so by briquetting your processing wastes, you can take advantage of an exciting opportunity to add value and revenue to your operations.    

RUF Briquetters Can Handle

  • Bark
  • Cellulose
  • Cotton
  • Hay
  • Tobacco

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