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Briquette Machine Case Studies

Cabinotch manufactures top-of-the-line cabinets that allow their clients to reduce costs and improve productivity. When it came to finding a solution for their waste, they turned to RUF to provide them the same, while simultaneously keeping to their dedication to environmental and resource sustainability. Read more to find out how they were able to utilize a wood briquetting system to achieve their goals.

Walnut Creek Case Study (WCP), a producer of one-of-a-kind finished goods including doors, stairs, furniture and butcher blocks, installed a RUF Wood Briquetter in its Ohio facility. The briquetting process has created a new business line for WCP and allowed WCP to reuse products in its manufacturing process.
WCP Video

Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM), a producer of high-performance training ammunition and safety systems installed a RUF briquetter in its U.S. factory to manage their oily aluminum turnings. Read about results UTM realized in factory efficiency and scrap revenue.
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Briquette Quality and Durability Across Multiple Feedstocks Pellet Fuels Institute will assess the adaptability of RUF Briquetting Systems commercial biomass briquetting equipment for use in or near woods to process a variety of forest residue types. (RUF briquetters have a long history of use in both Europe and the U.S. and were originally designed to utilize waste bark.) Forest residues that have been comminuted in the woods will be processed into densified briquettes and torrefied wood will be tested as a feedstock for briquetting. Modifications needed for field operation will be evaluated and/or implemented. Pellet Fuels Institute will address issues inherent in creating a field deployable system, including the necessary support and material handling equipment.
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