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Our Briquetting Process

Simple Steps to Create Value from Your Waste

At the end of the day, one of the biggest headaches for any shop is the resulting waste from a day's work. Whatever form it comes in, residual waste takes up space, causes safety concerns for you and your employees and takes money to dispose.

That's where RUF comes in. RUF Briquetting Systems lets you easily turn otherwise wasted material into compact, easy-to-manage sources of income. After initial setup, the only thing you'll have left to do is load your briquetter with scrap, turn on the machine, and watch as your operation becomes more efficient, sustainable and profitable.

Benefits of RUF Briquetters:

  • Runs operator-free
  • Operated hydraulically
  • Controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC)
  • Sell resulting metal briquettes or wood briquettes
  • Reclaim value from cutting fluids (oil, lubricants) from metals
  • Compact design for easy integration into your plant floor
  • Engineered for automatic, 24-hour operation with low horsepower
  • Ready to handle and transport right out of the press

Get More from Your Materials

How our briquetters turn your scrap into briquettes:

  1. The briquetter is loaded with residual waste.
  2. The material is transported into the pre-charging chamber by a conveying screw.
  3. The pre-charger presses the material into the main pressing chamber (to ensure consistent briquette size).
  4. The main pressing ram compresses the material into the mold and forms the briquette into its final shape and density.
  5. The reciprocating mold moves sideways and the briquette is ejected by parallel ejectors as a second briquette is formed.

Note: This principle applies to the mold type press which presses and ejects briquettes in parallel, boosting hourly production capacity. Our slide presses only press and squeeze one briquette at a time. Curious about what type of briquetter fits your operation? Contact us to find out.

Let Us Test Your Scrap

Not sure if it will briquette, or just want to see what we can do? The best way to find out is to test our briquetters with your own waste materials. Send us your scrap material and we'll send you back a briquette.

To find out more about our briquetting machines or applications call 888-894-5773 or contact us today.

Watch Our Wood Briquetting Process In Action

Watch Our Metal Briquetting Process In Action

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