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What Is Briquetting

We're RUF Briquetting Systems

We're RUF Briquetting Systems. That's right, RUF, like the thing on top of your house, not the sound Fido makes when he wants to go out. We're the North American subsidiary of RUF in Germany. The global leader in briquetting technology since 1969. So, what's briquetting and why is it so great? Glad you asked. Basically our briquetting systems take the process waste from metal working and woodworking operations and turn it into something that's actually useful.

What can be Briquetted?

Practically anything could be briquetted. Aluminum, brass, bronze, cast iron, copper, magnesium, steel, titanium, zinc. Our metal briquetters can handle it all and then some. They can even squeeze value out of your sludge and reclaim processing fluids for recycling. Likewise, our wood and organic materials briquetters can squish wood dust, wood chips, bark, bank notes, cardboard, cellulose, cotton, hay, paper, polystyrene, textile dust, tobacco, into easy to manage blocks and new revenue streams. Yeah, you heard it right, new revenue. You can sell wood briquettes on the home heating market as a carbon neutral fuel source. Briquettes have been popular in Europe for years and now are just taking off in North America. As a more flexible alternative to wood pellets, mainly because pellets are limited to use in pellet stoves, while briquettes can be used in any wood burning device. They're the next big thing.

Automated Briquetting Systems

Our briquetting systems are easily integrated into existing production lines, have small footprints, work with efficient hydraulics, require little maintenance and can be set up for 24 hour automatic operation. And, because they do it all with an average ROI of only 18 months, they're the darlings of operation managers all over the world.

We provide high quality equipment and service to our clients, and we stand behind everything we do and every briquetting system we install. We get your operations, your challenges, and listen to what you need. You can count on us to be there before, during, and after the sale with expert advice, technical assistance and customer service. Quality, performance, support and value, all under one roof.

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At RUF we help you think big by thinking small, you know by compressing your waste into something useful. Call (888) 894-5773 and start thinking big today.

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