How Briquetting Helps Businesses Achieve Sustainability

RUF Uses a Simplified Process to Reduce Costs and Promote Sustainability

Ever wonder how businesses have successfully used a briquetting system to achieve sustainability goals? Our latest case study explains how a RUF briquetting system helped cabinet maker Cabinotch streamline its waste stream and realize valuable revenue in the process.

Cabinotch, a custom cabinet manufacturer, was seeking an efficient and environmentally friendly way to capture and repurpose waste from its production process. However, the traditional waste removal methods involved high shipping costs and a large environmental footprint, which didn’t match Cabinotch’s vision of sustainability. This is when Cabinotch came to RUF looking for a solution that could align their vision with reality.

RUF briquetting systems employ a simple operation to transform raw material waste into briquettes, creating an efficient system for waste management and even new revenue streams. The briquetting machines run using a hydraulic press and contain few moving parts. In the case of Cabinotch, a RUF briquetter attached directly to its baghouse, which made it possible to seamlessly turn wood and sawdust waste into briquettes that were then directly loaded into a container. This solution not only minimized the space dedicated to waste storage, it created a new revenue for Cabinotch as it can now sell its wood sawdust briquettes to other facilities to be used for renewable energy.

Many manufacturing companies struggle with finding ways to realize their environmental goals while still being cost efficient throughout the process of waste removal. Since 2008, RUF has been helping North American businesses transform their operations to be more resource-, cost- and labor-efficient. RUF briquetting systems typically pay for themselves in 18 months’ time. RUF Briquetting Systems is dedicated to helping companies move forward in their sustainability goals while maintaining and even increasing profitability.

If your operations are struggling to find a solution to achieve sustainability goals, RUF can help. To learn more about how Cabinotch transformed its vision into reality while creating an opportunity for additional revenue, read our case study here.