Magnesium briquetting machines offer a reliable way to safely and efficiently dispose of debris

Create a cleaner, safer, and more efficient process with RUF metal briquetters.

Do you have a strategy for managing flammable magnesium that reduces risk? 

Scraps and debris of magnesium left on floors and machinery pose a health and safety danger to facilities and staff. Magnesium is highly flammable, especially in thin strips or shavings. When it accumulates, the slightest spark can start a fire. And if magnesium scraps reach a high enough temperature, self-ignition is also possible. Because magnesium reacts dangerously with nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water, common extinguishing options are off the table. Prevention is the safest solution.

Material Photo Magnesium Briquetting

Magnesium briquettes are an ideal solution

Magnesium briquettes have a lower combustibility than chips or dust, and allow for safe storage, handling and transport for sale. Briquettes are also less likely to experience corrosion, which increases resale value. 

  • Magnesium briquetting helps facilities keep machines, employees, and air clean while adding to the bottom line. 
  • Reduce scrap volume by up to 20:1 
  • Reuse or recycle the expensive processing fluids squeezed out during the process  
  • Maintain the quality and purity of the metal 
  • Eliminate costly disposal fees 
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RUF briquetters produce a denser, more consistent briquette than other briquetting machines. And, RUF machines are the only proven solution for reclaiming sludge. What makes our machines so different? Take a look under the hood.

The leading magnesium briquetting machine manufacturer in North America 

It’s our goal to help customers maximize their profits and become more sustainable. With over 50 years of experience in metal briquetting across Europe and North America, RUF can help you squeeze more value from your magnesium scrap.  

  • Excellent ROI: RUF briquetters often pay for themselves within 18 months
  • We offer a free briquette test of your material to prove out a solution and demonstrate ROI up front
  • RUF briquetting machines are compact and integrate easily into existing production lines  
  • Our briquetters require little to no supervision and can run 24/7, keeping labor costs low
  • Over 5,500 briquetters in operation worldwide

RUF briquetting systems work with a variety of other industrial metals. 

How are magnesium briquettes made?

Magnesium briquettes formed in RUF briquetting machines are made of two simple things: Metal and pressure.  

Step 1

Chips are moved to a pre-charging chamber by a screw conveyor.

Step 2

A pre-charger presses the magnesium into the main pressing chamber.

Step 3

Cutting fluids are removed.

Step 4

The main pressing ram compresses the magnesium into the mold and forms the briquette into its final shape and density.

Step 5

Magnesium briquettes are pushed out of the machine one at a time. 

Ready to create a safer, more efficient disposal process? 

Our briquetting experts can explain how briquetting, and our machines, may fit into your operations.