cast Iron briquetting machines turn scrap into revenue

Manufacturers who make cast iron products can use our briquetting systems to create profit from cast iron turnings, filings, or chips. 

Instead of paying someone to dispose of cast iron scrap, turn it into income.

Loose cast iron chips create a costly hassle to clean up, handle, and dispose of. Worth little to nothing, they’re costing you money. But you can reclaim value from them with an efficient process that pays for itself quickly: Briquetting.

cast iron chips

The benefits of RUF cast iron briquetting machines 

Cast iron briquetting machines compact loose cast iron fragments into dense briquettes, making them more valuable and easier to store and manage than scrap. Cast iron briquettes take less time and energy to smelt than loose cast iron chips, and produce less slag, so they’re a more efficient choice for smelting.   

  • Get a higher price from foundries for cast iron briquettes because they yield more metal in the smelting process 
  • Reclaim valuable floor space 
  • Eliminate costly disposal fees 
  • Reduce scrap volume by up to 20:1   
  • Reclaim up to 97% of expensive processing fluids for reuse or recycling
RUF 11 machine


RUF briquetters produce a denser, more consistent briquette than other briquetting machines. And, RUF machines are the only proven solution for reclaiming sludge. What makes our machines so different? Take a look under the hood.

RUF is the leading manufacturer of cast iron briquetting machines in North America

With over 50 years experience in briquetting in Europe and North America, RUF knows how to help manufacturers squeeze more value from iron scrap.

  • RUF briquetters often pay for themselves within 18 months 
  • We offer a free briquette test of your material to prove out a solution and demonstrate ROI up front 
  • RUF briquetting machines are compact and integrate easily into existing production lines
  • Our briquetters require little to no supervision and can run 24/7, keeping labor costs low

RUF briquetting systems work with a variety of other industrial metals. 

How are cast iron briquettes made?

Cast iron briquettes formed in RUF briquetting machines are made of two simple things: Metal and pressure. 

Step 1

Cast iron swarf starts out in a hopper.

Step 2

A screw conveyor moves the scrap material into a pre-charger chamber where a piston, driven by hydraulics, compacts the cast iron byproducts. 

Step 3

The primary press piston further compacts it, pushing it into a mold to form a dense, high quality briquette.

Step 4

Cast iron briquettes are pushed out of the machine one at a time.

Interested in increasing revenue and reducing waste?  

Let’s discuss integrating cast iron briquetting into your operations.