Copper briquetting machines turn copper scrap into an asset

RUF Copper Briquetting Systems make your manufacturing operation easier, cleaner, and less wasteful.

More than half of the copper used in the United States is recycled, and the demand is increasing. Do you have a strategy to recycle your copper scrap that’s making you money?

If you’re like many manufacturers, the copper shavings, chips, turnings and filings take up valuable space, time, and resources to deal with. And the copper chips are hauled away at your expense. It’s a frustrating process. A better alternative? Copper briquetting.

Copper chips from copper briquetting

RUF copper briquetting machines are good for your bottom line

A metal briquetting press for copper scrap creates compressed blocks that are easier to handle, store and transport.  

  • RUF briquetters are hydraulically powered, compressing your copper with no added materials, so the quality and purity of the metal are maintained. 
  • Copper briquettes are worth more than scrap, so you can earn more by selling them for recycling 
  • RUF copper briquetters reduce scrap volume by up to 20:1 
  • RUF briquetters typically pay for themselves in less than 18 months
  • Cutting fluids, grinding oils, or emulsion can be reclaimed and recycled, eliminating waste and saving money on raw materials
RUF 30-3700-100 machine copper briquetting


RUF briquetters produce a denser, more consistent briquette than other briquetting machines. And, RUF machines are the only proven solution for reclaiming sludge. What makes our machines so different? Take a look under the hood.

RUF is the leading copper briquetting manufacturer

Helping your operations to maximize profits and create sustainable processes is the reason we’re in this business. With over 50 years of experience in briquetting in Europe and North America, RUF knows how to help manufacturers squeeze more value from copper scrap.

  • Over 5,500 briquetters in operation worldwide
  • We offer a free briquette test of your material to prove out a solution and demonstrate ROI up front 
  • RUF copper briquetting machines are compact and integrate easily into existing production lines
  • Our copper briquetters require little to no supervision and can run 24/7, keeping labor costs low

RUF briquetting systems work with a variety of other metals, too.

How are copper briquettes made?

Metal briquettes are made of two things: Metal and pressure. That’s it. A RUF copper briquetting machine hydraulically presses the copper byproducts under high pressure to create a dense, high quality product.  

Step 1

Copper shavings or chips are moved to a pre-charging chamber by a screw conveyor. 

Step 2

A pre-charger presses the material into the main pressing chamber.

Step 3

Cutting fluids are removed.

Step 4

The main pressing ram compresses the material into the mold and forms the briquette into its final shape and density.

Step 5

Briquettes are pushed out of the machine one at a time.

Are you ready for your operations to go green, with little effort? 

Let’s talk about how you can integrate briquetting into your operations.