Create a new source of revenue with a RUF wood briquetting machine. 


As a wood manufacturer, you have a unique opportunity to create an economical, environmentally friendly fuel source out of the free wood dust, shavings, or chips of your operations.

  • Earn extra revenue by selling wooden briquettes for use in wood stoves, furnaces, firepits, and more  
  • Create a carbon neutral energy source (briquettes emit less carbon when burned than was consumed by the trees they came from) 
  • Hydraulic briquetting means no artificial binders are used so briquettes remain natural products  
  • Eliminate the need for storage, disposal and landfill fees  
  • Keep labor costs to a minimum
  • A RUF wood briquetting press pays for itself in less than 18 months

We understand the hesitancy to add wood briquetting to your business. Rest assured, the demand is there.

People all over the U.S. are seeking out clean, efficient wood briquettes they can use for home heating and outdoor recreation because wood briquettes burn longer, hotter, and more consistently than cordwood, and produce significantly less smoke, sulfur, and ash. Wood briquettes are sold in many home improvement and hardware stores, wood stove dealers, and at farm and outdoor supply retailers. Our experts can advise you on how and where to re-sell wood briquettes. 


Wood and biomass briquettes

Industrial operations, large or small, can benefit from briquetting

Whether you need smaller briquettes more suitable for fireplaces or end-consumer operations, or you need heating or gasification solutions for industrial plants, RUF and our member company, C.F. Nielsen, have the technology.

Do you have a strategy for your wood byproducts that’s making you money? 

A RUF wood briquetting press starts generating value on day one. RUF wood briquette systems:

  • Pay for themselves in less than 18 months 
  • Are engineered for automatic, 24-hour operation with low horsepower 
  • Are compact and integrate easily into existing systems 
  • Can be installed and running at your facility the same day 

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Cabinotch found a way to remain environmentally responsible and reduce shipping costs while simplifying a complicated process.

How are wood briquettes made?

Wood briquettes are made of two things: wood and pressure. That’s it. There are no chemicals or additives, making them a natural product.

Step 1

Wood materials (sawdust, shaving, or chips) are moved to a pre-charging chamber by a screw conveyor.

Step 2

A pre-charger presses the material into the main pressing chamber.

Step 3

The main pressing ram compresses the material into the mold and forms the briquette into its final shape and density.

Step 4

Wood briquettes are pushed out of the machine one at a time.

What are wood briquettes used for?

More convenient than traditional firewood and more flexible than wood pellets, wood briquettes are easy to store and handle, cost-effective, and can be used in practically any wood-burning device.

  • Living room fireplaces 
  • Wood-burning stoves 
  • Backyard fire pits  
  • BBQs
  • Commercial boilers
  • Industrial heat and power
  • Gasification 

Industrial briquettes for gasification

With specialized C.F. Nielsen briquetting machines, we can transform difficult material into briquettes that can be used for gasification. Our gasification solution often includes local raw materials from agriculture. For example, our latest waste-to-fuel technology enables briquettes from straw to be used as fuel in power or heating plants.

types of Wood Briquetting Machines

RUF offers several wood briquetting models. We’ll use your materials to prove out a solution and determine the machine suitable for your byproducts, your operations, and your budget. By being fully supported at every step, you can feel confident you’ll reap all the benefits of wood briquetting.

Isn’t it time to stop leaving money on the floor?

Talk with a wood briquetting expert about how you can add revenue to your business.