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Aluminum Briquetting Makes Your Business More Efficient

RUF aluminum briquetters will save you time, money and space

In the manufacturing industry, space, time and money are all valuable. In recent years, sustainability has become an equally important factor to consider when weighing the options for scrap disposal. RUF aluminum briquette machines allow manufacturers to efficiently dispose of and store aluminum scrap while simultaneously reducing labor costs, alleviating financial impact and maximizing storage space. 

Due to volume of scrap produced from aluminum products, the process of scrap removal is time-consuming, taking away from the efficiency of employees. With the use of aluminum briquetting systems, the time employees spend disposing of waste can be allocated to more productive tasks. Not only does this mean that employees can spend more time focusing on the quality of their work, but it also reduces the labor costs associated with the traditional disposal process.

To put it simply, the traditional process of scrap disposal is expensive for manufacturers. Aluminum briquette machines help to alleviate the financial impact of scrap disposal on companies by generating a new stream of revenue. The briquettes created from aluminum chips have a high resale value due to their ability to be quickly transported, which decreases the chance of corrosion. Not only can the briquettes be repurposed and sold, but the costly liquid used in the manufacturing process can also be reused in their machining process.

Traditionally, chips from aluminum machining are stored in bulky storage containers, which take up a significant amount of space within facilities. Producing and selling aluminum briquettes quickly creates free space due to the ability to compress it into briquettes and sell to companies in one efficient process. The space opened up by using RUF aluminum briquetter reduces companies' needs to expand, or suffer the effects of crowding.

Do you generate large amounts of aluminum scrap in you machining process? RUF aluminum briquetting systems can help you improve your company's efficiency and bring in additional revenue. Interested in learning more? Contact us at 888-894-5773 to learn how we can improve your business.

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