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Briquetting Systems for Residual Materials

We Can Handle Just About Anything

RUF briquetting systems are designed to accommodate a wide variety of residual materials produced during the manufacturing process. Each briquetting system can be customized to work with the residual material produced in your facility. Because each manufacturer's residual materials vary based on the products they produce, it is an essential to ensure that your materials can be briquetted. RUF offers a variety of testing equipment with a compressing pressure of up to 72,000 psi at our facility to help us design the best briquetting system for your residual material and your recycling goals.

Our briquetting systems are utilized in many different industries and have been customized to briquette a number of materials. RUF briquetting systems have been designed to briquette residual materials, including:

  • banknotes
  • bark
  • cardboard
  • cellulose
  • cotton
  • hay
  • paper
  • polystyrene
  • textile dust
  • tobacco
  • wood chips
  • wood dust
  • aluminum
  • brass
  • bronze
  • cast-iron
  • copper
  • magnesium
  • steel
  • tire wire
  • titanium
  • zinc
  • most other metals
Biomass material to briquette Metal material to briquette

Companies interested in enhancing their recycling capabilities, saving on costs associated with waste material management or removal and even generating new streams of revenue from existing materials can greatly benefit from a custom briquetting system from RUF. Implementing a RUF briquetting system into your existing production facility is easy and the investment pays off by reducing and recycling residual materials produced by your company. In some cases, companies can turn an expense (removing waste) into a new source of revenue (selling briquetted materials). Most RUF briquetting systems pay for themselves within 18 months or less.

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