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Metal Scrap Processing Equipment

Make Your Sludge Work for You

Don't see any real value in your grinding sludge? Perhaps it's because you don't have the right scrap processing equipment. Let RUF briquetters open your eyes to the potential. How do our briquetters create value?

  • Flexibility - RUF manufactures sludge briquetters to suit almost any type of sludge and compress most any metal into easy-to-store briquettes. You don't have to take our word for it. We're happy to arrange a free test at our facility using your materials so you see the proof first-hand, or you can rent our equipment to conduct your own test on site.
  • Productivity - Our hydraulic scrap processing equipment is designed to be low-maintenance and operate automatically around the clock, producing up to 1,000 pounds of briquettes per hour.
  • Convenience - Their small footprint makes RUF briquetters easy to integrate into existing production lines; no special foundation is needed. Plus, the briquettes require less storage space, freeing up valuable real estate within your facility.
  • Value - From our low installation costs to the savings on expensive cutting fluids used in your grinding processes, our scrap processing equipment helps you save money. Your grinding oil or emulsion isn't damaged during briquetting, allowing you to recover up to 95 percent of your fluids for reuse. The compact briquettes also minimize handling and transportation costs for added savings.
  • Revenue - That's right. RUF scrap processing can help you do more than save - it can help you turn reclaimed metal shavings into revenue. When your grinding sludge is processed into metal briquettes, your can re-melt them for reuse or sell them as scrap to foundries.
  • Environmental Responsibility - Because you're reusing what was once disposed of, briquetting your sludge reduces waste that can harm the environment. That's not just good stewardship of your resources, it's also good for business. In an increasingly complex regulatory environment, compliance with waste treatment and waste disposal mandates helps you avoid costly fines.

RUF scrap processing equipment is the ideal solution for squeezing more value from your grinding sludge. To find out more about our briquetting machines or applications, call 888-894-5773 or contact us today.

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