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Metal Briquetting

Extract More Value from Your Metals

Are you leaving money on the floor? All day, every day, your manufacturing processes produce scrap - turnings, filings, chips and shavings – that piles up on equipment and the floor. It gets swept up to maintain a clean, safe workplace, but storing the loose scrap in bins takes up valuable space and is awkward to recycle. Plus, you still have all of the unprocessed sludge to manage. The answer? RUF metal briquetting systems.

In fact, briquetting your scrap can reduce the volume by as much as 20-to-1, making scrap infinitely easier to handle and more economical to recycle or sell to foundries. Metal briquetting also enables you to reclaim the fluids - oil, lubricants and other liquids - used in your metalworking processes.

RUF offers a number of hydraulically powered metal briquetting systems to meet your specific requirements. We offer free pressing tests at our facility using your materials to prove out the process to your satisfaction. These aren't the huge, noisy metal briquetters of the past. All RUF systems are engineered for automatic, 24-hour operation with low horsepower, compact designs that allow for easy integration into existing production lines.

RUF Briquetters can help you salvage more value from your scrap materials, including:

  • Steel
  • Tire wire
  • Titanium
  • Zinc
  • Most other metals

In addition to keeping your workplace cleaner and saving space, metal briquetting helps your company meet sustainability goals. Metal briquetting turns your production waste into valuable products for heat generation, supports your recycling initiatives and reduces your carbon footprint.

See how one company turned their waste into a valuable revenue stream.

The briquetting process not only compresses your scrap, but also squeezes value from it. The easy-to-transport form makes it more convenient to store, sell or recycle. The dense briquettes are less susceptible to corrosion, making them a more attractive option for foundries. And processing your sludge also yields great returns. Not only do you extract the metals for resale, but you also rescue your expensive process fluids for reuse or recycling. With an average return on investment in 18 months, RUF metal briquetters can improve your bottom line.

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