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Copper Briquetting Systems

Reclaim valuable copper scrap with RUF Briquetting Systems

copper briquettingWithout copper, the electrical, transportation, electronics and construction industries would be at a loss. Copper is a key commodity in the industries that power our economy.

More than half of the copper used in the United States is recycled copper, and the high demand is only going to increase. What do you do with your copper scrap? If you are like many manufacturers, the scrap is stored in your facility, then hauled away (at your expense) to be disposed of.

Turn copper waste into an asset

RUF Copper Briquetting Systems make your manufacturing operation easier, cleaner and less wasteful. Copper shavings, chips, turnings and filings take valuable space, time and resources to deal with. Watching your leftover materials waiting to leave your facility can be a little frustrating.

The alternative is to reclaim these materials and put your copper scrap to work for you with RUF. Our metal briquetters can handle it all, and do! See for yourself.

RUF briquetters turn your scrap copper into compressed blocks that are easier to handle, store and transport and can be sold for recycling. RUF briquetters are hydraulically powered, compressing your copper with no added materials, so the quality and purity of the metal are maintained. This maximizes the value of the copper.

Read about our process of briquetting your residual copper materials. It is simple, and leaves everything in the hands of the experts at RUF who have been industrial briquetting leaders for more than 40 years.

Contact us! We would love to tell you more about how our briquetting systems can reduce scrap volume by up to 20:1, how they can operate 24/7 with very little maintenance, or how the average return on investment time is just 18 months.

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