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Sawdust Briquetting: A New Source of Revenue

Working with wood produces wood waste—there is no way around it.

sawdust briquette Sawdust, the by-product of most woodworking processes, leaves manufacturers and facilities with fine particles of wood everywhere. The sawdust is very flammable and can pose serious health threats when it is inhaled. Add to that the problem of where to store this waste in a manufacturing facility before it is disposed of, and you have a multistep process that can take more time, effort and resources than most manufacturers can invest.

While there are wood waste solutions like landfills, using it as animal bedding, pelletizing, or incineration, briquetting, offers so much more, including a new revenue stream.

Sawdust briquette machines are a time-, resource- and space-saving answer to sawdust problems in manufacturing facilities. Using hydraulic cylinders to compress sawdust into consistently sized, clean briquettes, sawdust briquetting provides manufactures new options for wood waste. With the growing market for briquette-based fuel, selling energy-efficient and carbon-neutral wood briquettes as a fuel source provides numerous benefits for companies, including:

  • Reducing need to store wood waste
  • Removing airborne particles
  • Eliminating costly disposal and landfill fees
  • Generating a new revenue stream from briquette sales

Learn how Walnut Creek Planning turned their wood waste into a new profitable business line with a RUF Briquetting System.

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