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Straw Briquetting

Straw briquetting presents an easy to manage solution for your straw waste

Each day, all over North America, straw waste is produced by a number of different industries. Whether the straw waste is from hay, corn, wheat or other agricultural crops, it can be put to work for you instead of taking up costly space in dry storage.

Straw waste is a valuable biomass material that can be used by power and heating plants as industrial bio-fuel. While straw waste can be used in a variety of ways, including animal bedding and incineration, straw briquetting offers farmers and organizations a new revenue stream from their waste product. Instead of storing straw waste in bins and facilities to ensure that it stays out of the rain, briquetting offers an option for eliminating the need for storage, disposal and landfill fees.

To briquette straw waste, the material must have a moisture content of 15 percent and the pieces must be two inches or less in size. With these requirements met, companies can begin to cut down on the costs for storage and disposal of straw waste products. Briquettes produced from straw waste are easy to manage and ready to be transported to a storage facility or to be sold.

RUF wood briquetting systems utilize hydraulics to compress straw and biomass waste into briquettes, ideal for storage and resale. Briquettes made by RUF straw briquette machines are consistently sized and clean. All wood and biomass briquetting systems from RUF are self-operating, require low maintenance and take up a minimal amount of valuable floor space.

Since straw briquettes made by RUF systems are formed under high pressure without any binding material, the straw material remains in its natural form. Briquettes produced from straw waste are a great source of industrial bio-fuel, often used by cement plants and in boiler fuel and outdoor burners.

With a RUF briquetter, you can reclaim value from your straw waste. The experts at RUF will work with you to customize a straw briquetting system that integrates into your facility and processes to eliminate straw waste and develop a new stream of revenue for your company. To learn more about our briquetting machines and the straw briquetting process, call 888-894-5773 or contact us today.

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