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Sugarcane Bagasse Briquetting

Left with sugarcane bagasse that is taking up space, time and resources at your facility? If you are looking for a solution that helps you squeeze the most value out of your materials, RUF Briquetting Systems can take your sugarcane bagasse from waste to waste-not.

Our biomass briquetting systems turn sugarcane bagasse into reusable, high quality briquettes that maintain the integrity of the material and can be resold into new markets. RUF bagasse briquette machines use hydraulics to turn your waste materials into briquettes that are easy to store and manage. This process eliminates the need for binding additives or hazardous processes and provides an end product that has low moisture content. That means your briquettes will be the best and most valuable available.

Have you seen a RUF briquetter in action? Watch how this facility turned wood shavings into a new business!

RUF Briquetting Systems are customized to meet the needs of your facility and, once installed, can operate 24/7 with little to no operator oversight.

Sugarcane bagasse briquettes: turning a liability into an asset

The number of markets for your sugarcane bagasse briquettes is growing. They can be reused as fuel to generate power for your facility or sold to be used in the production of bioethanol, paper, particleboard, building materials and feedstock.

RUF briquetting equipment efficiently processes sugarcane bagasse and other biomass materials with minimal waste and oversight for maximum revenue potential. Our experts work with you to determine the right specifications and location for your new equipment based on your business.

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