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Wood Chip Briquetting

Reduce the mess of wood chip waste with briquetting.

briquetting wood chipsWood chip waste is a constant by-product of woodworking and extremely difficult to contain. Loose pieces attract moisture and are difficult to collect, ultimately resulting in lost revenue and increased overhead as safe, non-combustible storage for wood chip waste must be found.

But reducing waste and overhead costs while increasing revenue is possible. When woodworking operations briquette their wood chip waste they create an opportunity for a completely new revenue stream that results in little to no loss in income from waste disposal or storage.

Wood chip briquettes are an energy-efficient, carbon-neutral fuel that are used as energy or to facilitate the production of recourses, such as paper, building materials and feedstock. Briquetting of wood chip waste offers secondary benefits to your company as well, such as reducing disposal costs, eliminating the need to store more waste and improving the air quality of your workspace by eliminating airborne particles that come with the moisture that wood chips can acquire over time. 

To briquette wood chip waste, materials can have a maximum moisture content of 15 percent and the pieces must be two inches or less in size. Once these standards are met, your company can start making briquettes. 

RUF's self-operating wood chip briquette machines can function 24/7, require minimal maintenance and don't crowd your workspace. Each briquetting machine utilizes hydraulics to compress wood chips and biomass waste into briquettes for easy storage and resale. In fact, most RUF briquetting machine owners find that the sale of briquettes pays for the cost of the machine in 18 months or less. 

RUF Briquetting Systems is a global leader in industrial briquetting. Contact us today to learn how wood chip briquetting can improve your facility and create a new source of revenue.

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