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Wood Dust Briquetting

A conveniently effective wood waste management system that will actually make you money.

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Wood dust waste is a hazardous by-product that is difficult to manage and expensive to safely dispose of. Exposure to wood dust is typically associated with health problems, such as dermatitis, allergic respiratory effects, mucosal and nonallergic respiratory effects, and in some cases cancer. But by turning wood dust into briquettes with a RUF briquetting system, you can safely repurpose wood waste, reduce the amount of dangerous airborne particles in the air, and create a new stream of revenue for your business. 

While wood dust waste has many potential uses, such as for animal bedding, fertilizer or heating fuel, its minimal density and small particles make it difficult to recycle. However, a RUF briquetter solves that problem by compressing wood dust into small, consistently sized briquettes that are easily handled, stored and transported. 

Turn Wood Dust Into Revenue

With a RUF machine, the briquetting process is simple and straightforward. After waste is loaded into the machine's hopper, the feed screw conveys the material to the pre-charger and adjusts its feed time on every cycle to fill the wood dust into consistently sized briquettes. The main pressing ram then compresses the wood dust into a mold that forms the briquette into its final shape and density before the briquette is discharged out of the machine. 

After wood dust is made into briquettes, it can be sold as an energy-efficient, carbon-neutral fuel source. As the costs of fossil fuels rise and remain volatile, the demand for alternative fuel sources increases. By reselling wood dust briquettes, the average RUF Briquetting System pays for itself in less than 18 months. Briquettes can be used for essentially any wood burning purpose, offer easy transport and last longer than most firewood products. 

RUF briquetting systems feature 24/7 self-operation with little to no maintenance. And because workshop space is nearly always at a premium, each RUF briquetting machine is designed within a compact footprint. 

Setting Standards of Quality and Durability

As a global leader in the development and manufacture of sophisticated industrial briquetting systems for more than 40 years, RUF develops briquetting systems that accommodate a wide variety of residual materials, offering a customizable solution for all of your manufacturing waste issues. 

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