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A global leader in briquetting for more than 40 years, RUF Briquetting Systems has built a reputation as a provider of technology that allows manufacturers to achieve greater profitability through the reuse of industrial byproducts. We haven't developed this cachet through our technical expertise alone - staying in touch with our customers and the public is a big part of what we do, too.

We use our own information platforms and independent media outlets, as well as industry events, to keep the industrial world informed of the solutions we offer and the latest ideas in briquetting. Visit the channels listed below to stay abreast of the latest at RUF Briquetting Systems.

News Releases

Here you'll find out which industry events you can attend for opportunities to meet us in person, leading-edge presentations on briquetting topics we have made or participated in, new products we have released and additions to our management team, to name a few common themes of our news releases. Our news releases page showcases the latest.

In the News

RUF Briquetting Systems is featured in trade magazines covering a wide range of industries that reuse industrial byproducts. Articles in these publications share ideas for briquetting various materials and often include examples of manufacturers that have done this successfully. Visit our In the News page for an overview of the publicity that RUF Briquetting Systems is receiving from national media outlets.

Case studies

Industry trade magazines don't comprise the only platform for sharing the successes of RUF Briquetting Systems - our own website has many interesting stories, too. Our case studies page includes examples of customers that added a briquetting operation and enjoy a new revenue stream, as well as new byproducts used as briquetting source materials. Keep up with the latest case studies here.

Upcoming events

Industry events provide a valuable forum for sharing our briquetting ideas and expertise with customers and the public in one-to-one settings. You can be sure that RUF Briquetting Systems will be available to you at the numerous events that serve professionals who manufacture products from the wide array of materials that suit briquetting. Check out the latest schedule of events where you'll find us.

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