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Briquetting Process FAQs

Do you have questions about the briquetting process?

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about how two of the most commonly briquetted industrial byproducts - ”wood and scrap metal - are processed by RUF Briquetting Systems equipment.

How does the briquetting process get started?

Industrial waste material is loaded into the feed hopper and a screw conveyor in the hopper feeds the material to a precharger chamber. A programmable logic controller (PLC) calculates the running time of the screw conveyor in each cycle. The screw conveyor's running time maintains a consistent briquette length.

How does the PLC ensure quality?

The PLC adjusts the screw conveyor cycle time if the particle size, or density of the material changes, ensuring that the right amount of material is loaded into the precharger chamber.

What happens after the screw conveyor fills the precharger chamber?

Next, the precharger pushes the material into a pressing chamber and the main press piston compresses the material into one of two dies in a pressing mold. The piston compresses the material into a dense briquette until it reaches a preset compression value.

At that point, is the briquette finished?


How does the briquetting process remove coolant from scrap metal?

When the press piston compresses scrap metal waste into the die, excess coolant is squeezed out of the material and collected in a sump pan integrated into the frame of the briquetting machine. When the coolant reaches a preset fill level in the catch basin, a pump turns on and dispenses the fluid into another container for reuse.

OK. So we have a finished briquette. How does the machine discharge it?

The briquetting machine is equipped with ejectors that run parallel to the main press piston on either side of it. A mold change cylinder uses the pressing mold to aligns the briquette with ejector holes in the front plate. The ejectors push the finished briquette through the ejector holes.

All of this sounds really cool. Is there a video of the process that I could view?

Yes. Our videos bring both the wood and scrap metal briquetting processes to life with animation.

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