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Will It Briquette

If your shop has to deal with scrap materials, dust, filings, biomass or metal, chances are good that your current disposal process is lacking. While recycling the material is ideal, finding a way to effectively contain and transport those small and odd-shaped bits can be a problem. You know that briquetting is an option for basic materials like sawdust and aluminum metal shavings, but what about other material?

If it's scrap - whether wood, metal, paper or even grinding sludge - chances are we can make it briquette. At RUF, we have more than 30 years of experience building briquetting machines that solve the scrap and waste problems of many industries and professions, from metal working and carpentry, to packaging and electrical. Nearly any material that our North American customers work with, we've found a way to briquette.

Do your employees work with metals? RUF briquetting presses can easily handle a wide variety of metals, including cast ironcoppersteel and many others. Are biomass materials like cotton, grass, peat or tobacco building up in your facility? Our briquetting machines can be customized to work with your operations -  residual material. With a RUF briquetter, you can turn practically any non-wood biomass material into easy-to-manage briquettes that can be readily transported and recycled or sold as an economical, environmentally friendly source of fuel. If it's a natural material, and even if it's not (polystyrene, for example), chances are we will find a way to make your company's specific residual waste briquette.

RUF Briquetting Systems incorporates testing equipment with compressing pressure up to 72,000 psi that enables us to design the best system for your needs. Once a RUF briquette machine is precisely configured to the waste it's briquetting, hydraulic motors as powerful as 125 horsepower can be set to run on a fully automatic basis, 24/7. And with a compact design that requires no special foundations, our machines can be directly integrated into existing production facilities.

Most RUF briquetting systems pay for themselves within 18 months or less by helping companies recover valuable resource material or create a new revenue stream. In many cases, such as with steel briquettes, it's possible to realize an increased value with briquettes over loose chips.

Materials That Will Briquette

Banknotes textile dust copper
bark tobacco magnesium
cardboard wood chips steel
cellulose wood dust tire wire
cotton aluminum titanium
hay brass zinc
paper bronze peat
polystyrene cast iron most other metals

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