Success Story: Duffield Timber

Duffield Timber provides fuel to Northern England with a Briquetter

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Monetize waste. Reduce Cost. Maximize Efficiency.


Duffield Timber is a family-owned timber importer in the United Kingdom producing a mix of machined hardwoods and sawed boards.


Duffield processes a mix of hard- and softwoods every day. This leaves them with a lot of sawdust— around 20 tons every week. Through research, they became aware of an unmet demand for wood fuel in Northern England. Additionally, they sought to reduce their energy bills that had grown to be four times greater than normal.


Duffield found C.F. Nielson, a RUF member company, and they installed BP6500 HD Mechanical Press and BS350 Saw to start turning their byproduct into income.

packages of wood briquettes


With their C.F. Nielson briquetting machine, Duffield Timber was able to both expand their revenue and lower their energy costs.

  • Reach the full potential of their sawdust residue.
  • Turn a low-value product into a very high-value fuel.
  • Capture the unmet demand in the market.
  • Reduce the energy costs of the Duffield Labor facility.
  • Aquire a greener company profile.