Europe Leads Briquetting, Zero Waste Initiatives in Manufacturing

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Around the world, multinational corporations are looking for ways to reduce waste and improve their environmental footprints. A key step along this path, is becoming a zero-waste-to-landfill facility. Achieving this milestone is no small accomplishment, but with the help of briquetting, the goal is possible. Not only does briquetting keep tons of byproduct material out of landfills, it also helps to protect groundwater while preserving more open space.
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Convert Just about any Waste Byproduct to Briquettes — Profitably

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RUF’s industrial briquetting systems are better for business and better for the many operations that generate fine, irregularly shaped byproducts, such as dust, scrap materials, turnings, or fines, have trouble disposing of these materials. Transporting these byproducts can create both logistical and cost challenges as well.
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Grinding Sludge Goes Green. Briquetting for the Environment

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Manufacturers of wind turbines, heavy machinery, gear grinders, bearings, and other industrial products constantly struggle with how to safely and efficiently dispose of the grinding sludge produced during the manufacturing processes. This is especially true of the large volumes of sludge that are created during the grinding of high-precision gears.
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7 Briquetting Myths Debunked

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Not sure if briquette making is right for your company? Several myths about the process may give you pause, but make sure you have accurate information so you can make an informed decision.
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