The Reason Why Pellet Mills are the Ideal Candidate for Briquetting

As prices for petroleum and other traditional fuel sources fluctuate, many businesses in the United States are turning towards wood pellet and briquettes as an alternative. Many pellet operations solely make pellets, but those who have added briquetting to their facilities have unlocked the potential for increased sustainability and revenue.

There are several reasons why pellet mills are ideal candidates for briquetting. Pellet mills already have the raw product from pellet making.

Put Excess Raw Input to Good Use

Briquetters can handle the excess product or raw material that is unsuitable for pellet machines. Adding on a briquetting system allows for pellet makers to direct quality wood waste towards alternative products, like briquettes. This allows pellet making facilities to make use of all raw input.

Create Additional Revenue Streams

Adding on a briquetting system allows for pellet manufacturers to diversify offerings and add an additional stream of revenue onto their production. Pellets and briquettes occupy adjacent markets and pellet makers can take advantage of the additional offering to expand their market presence.

Fulfill the Need for an Eco-Conscious Fuel Alternative

Briquettes made from RUF briquetters efficiently turn high quality woodworking byproducts into briquetters that are a carbon-neutral fuel source. Briquettes are versatile, capable of being used in woodstoves, wood inserts, fireplaces, outdoor burners, campfires and industrial boilers. The price for briquettes is also much more stable than that of sources like petroleum.

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